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回頂端 2021-04-08

Expand the implementation of joint inspections with relevant agencies to ensure the safety of school children transportation

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To protect the driving safety for children being transported to and from school, the Taipei City Vehicle Supervisory Office, Keelung Station, Lienchiang Station and Kinmen Station jointly perform inspections of school buses such as kindergarten buses with the Department of Education, Taipei City Government, Taipei City Police Department, Keelung City Government Education Department, Department of Education, Kinmen County Government, Department of Education, Lienchiang County Government and juridical police agencies.  A total of 4 shifts assigned to the audit targeted 15 vehicles for inspection, and all of them were in compliance with regulations.

Director Chiang, Shu-Ren of the Taipei City Vehicle Supervisory Office stated that the number of schools, after-school tutoring schools or kindergartens in all juridical offices is the highest in the country. Most pick-up vehicles are vans accommodating 8 or 9 persons. 

If the operator defies regulations and modifies the van to increase the number of seats, it may jeopardize the safety of children.

We appeal to the operators to pay attention to the driving safety by using qualified vehicles to pick up children with seats as approved and strengthen self-management.  Meanwhile, parents should pay attention to the condition of pick-up vehicles as part of selecting the after-school tutoring school or kindergarten.

After the start of the new semester, the Taipei City Vehicle Supervisory Office and all subordinated offices will continuously work with the Bureau (Department) of Education and police units of all counties and cities and devote to the inspection of school buses and safety management of child educational institutions to ensure the pick-up safety of children via multiple channels.