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回頂端 2018-03-21

The Taipei Motor Vehicles Office urges consumers not to choose a tour bus without GPS installed.

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In order to strengthen the public’s safety when taking a tour bus, Regulations Governing the Motor Carrier Industry has specified that vehicles owned by tourist bus carriers should be equipped with GPS and a monitoring system of vehicle operations with effect from September 1, 2017. Meanwhile, the interface of an appointed information platform will be set up for providing real-time information of vehicles. It is advisable to select a tour bus equipped with both GPS devices and an interface to the platforms in order to safeguard their rights and ensure safety.
As early as before the laws and regulations were announced, about 12,000 out of over 16,000 tour buses nationwide had GPS installed for the purpose of safety management. These operators are deserving of recognition. In anticipation of a comprehensive installation of GPS devices to ensure road safety, project subsidies were provided by the Directorate General of Highways and supplemented by the National Joint Association of Bus for Tourists of the R.O.C. to promote early installation and replacement. At present, 99.98% of tour buses nationwide have already installed the devices and interfaced to the platform. Furthermore, for 263 tour bus companies under the administration of the Office, a total of 4,644 tour buses have completed the installation of GPS and set up the company’s monitoring and management system in accordance with the regulations. This can assist the companies to undertake scientific management, and have a clear picture of real-time road information of each bus as well as whether a regular check-up has been done. However, among all tour bus companies under the governance of the Office, still there are 3 buses with license plates 082-TT, A5-227 and A5-228 from Ji-Hua Transportation Limited, and 1 bus with license plate 189-MM from Ming-Yang Transportation Limited that have not agreed on the interface of GPS. The Office has discovered and issued a violation notice against the Regulations Governing Motor Carrier Industry, urging the companies to accept assistance to complete the interface in order to avoid a fine.
The installation of GPS devices for tour buses and the interface to the information platform run by the Directorate General of Highways is fully disclosed on the Motor Vehicle Driver Information Service website  for public reference. The Office encourages the public, institutions, schools or groups to choose legal tour buses with GPS installed and interface completed to ensure safe traveling so as to avoid affecting their safety and rights.
Organizer: Transportation Management Section, Taipei Motor Vehicles Office
Contact: Lien, Si-Yuan, Section Chief 02-27630155 ext. 561