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回頂端 2021-07-15

Happy Mother’s Day; Painting on Shilin Wall

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The Motor Vehicle Office (MVO) North Branch in Shilin District held a traffic safety promotion and a Mother’s Day wall painting activity this morning. A traffic safety scavenger hunt and a painting on the wall activity at the road test site were held for families to participate, so that the general public can experience a different kind of Mother’s Day.

The theme of the event was traffic safety. We invited the Taipei Municipal Zhong Zheng Senior High School art class for the painting design. The subject of the painting included traffic safety campaign items such as passenger first, stay away from large trucks, and so on. Families participating in the event worked together to color the wall. The themes of the scavenger hunt are items that have been promoted in recent years, such as the driver’s blind spot of large cars, radius difference between inner wheels, bicycle riding safety, and so on. What is worth noting is that we organized a riding experience on the road test cars for children, so they can understand how to protect their safety when encountering accidents.

The objective of the event is to enrich the road test site with color and educate children about traffic safety with physical experiences that are more fun than sitting in a classroom.