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回頂端 2019-06-11

E-processing of new car licensing

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To enhance the transparency of new car licensing service, the Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office (TCMVO) has simplified its new car assessment procedures starting from 2019. The first-phase plan involves large-scale information integration of government institutions and private organizations to promote the paperless new car licensing operation. The Ministry of Finance’s electronic invoices, the National Tax Administration’s Duty Payment Certificate, the Customs’ clearance duty payment information, the National Police Agency’s Vehicle Anti-theft ID Code Certificate, the property insurance company’s Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance Certificate, the Vehicle Safety Certification Center’s Inspection Certificate and other paper materials will be changed into electronic transmission and automated auditing operations. The purposes are to significantly improve the correctness of registration, decrease the audit time and error rate, and reduce paper consumption. The plan is expected to go online in June 2019.

The second-phase plan will further promote the online application service for new car licensing. The public can use the natural person ID to apply through the TCMVO service network at home. They can also conduct license plate numbers and bidding through the TCMVO service network to choose the desired number plate numbers and allow the logistics industry to deliver the license plates to the doorstep. Such process is convenient and rapid for not having to pick up the license plates at the TCMVO.
TCMVO said that 140,000 new car licenses were issued in 2018. Therein, 48,000 of the license plates were picked up through the selection manner and amounted to $95 million; and more than 7,000 of them were done through the bidding manner and amounted to $49 million. They have increased the national treasury by more than $140 million, ranking the highest among the country’s Motor Vehicles Offices.

The plan will be followed up by a full replacement of the National ID Card (two-in-one ID card and natural person certificate) to go in line with the Ministry of the Interior’s policy in 2020. After the implementation, each national citizen can conduct new car licensing online through the TCMVO service network to increase the speed of application significantly. Such e-service will achieve a new milestone in conjunction with the existing applications for the issuance of licenses, license registration, address change, payment of traffic violations, fuel consumption fees, and other online services.