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The use of endoscope auxiliary device and wireless mileage camera technology to enhance safe driving and inspection

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 Following the rapid development of science and technology, the Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office (TCMVO) took the lead to adopt the endoscope auxiliary device and wireless mileage camera system and won first place in the 10th Road Safety Innovation Contribution Award from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. The aim is to improve the quality of supervision services and efficiency through the use of scientific and technological devices to enhance the public’s trust in the government and achieve the positive benefits in safeguarding the consumer rights.

Endoscope auxiliary device
TCMVO uses the industrial endoscope inspection system to make an in-depth inspection of the interior structure and detect the seams at the dead angles of the car body. It can accurately enlarge the images of the sheet metals and retain the photos to reduce disputes. Such a move can effectively prevent body parts remix, or modified and structurally damaged vehicles from being driven on the road again to improve safe driving.
When TCMVO finds out, and suspects of a fraud vehicle’s engine number or it has been modified, the investigation team that comprised of the Department of Government Ethics and inspection technicians will use the industrial endoscope to perform detailed inspection and verification. To date, after TCMVO (including the Shilin and Keelung Motor Vehicles Supervision Stations) have started to use this set of inspection device, they have seized a total of 23 suspected body parts remix and modified vehicles, all of which have been transferred to the Police Department for follow-up investigation, thus bringing the unscrupulous operators to justice.
This device was approved by the Department of Government Ethics in 2018 to promote the mobile device in conjunction with the advanced plan of the endoscope. In the future, it will further be used by the offshore supervision stations (Kinmen and Lianjiang Motor Vehicles Supervision Stations) and 27 representing inspection companies under the jurisdiction of Taipei City. The photos can be transmitted wirelessly and stored in the computer by the shooting and transmission functions of the tablet or mobile phone, and such inspection device is lightweight, convenient to use and can reduce the inspection time significantly.
Wireless mileage camera system
Mileage is an essential reference for vehicle maintenance. To avoid some unscrupulous car dealers from using the adjusted mileage method to deceive consumers and top up the selling prices of vehicles, TCMVO has pioneered to use the wireless mileage camera system to retain the vehicle mileage during the vehicle inspection. To date, it has successfully captured 480,000 photos to improve the accuracy of the registration and provide the mileage data during the vehicle inspection. The data is displayed on the online inspection screen and accompanied with synchronized voice. This allows the vehicle owners to confirm the driving mileage during registration. After the inspection, drivers can inquire about the mileage data on the TCMVO service APP.
There are about 120,000 used vehicles being transacted in the Taipei area each year. The introduction of the wireless mileage camera system technology can reduce disputes arising during vehicle transactions. The TCMVO service APP can also query the latest two mileage data. The suspicious car owners can also request TCMVO to access the photo images to ensure the interest of transactions and ensure the transparency and correctness of the vehicle mileage.