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回頂端 2018-10-30

Motorcycle License Written Test Scenarios Simulation Question Database Will Be Doubled Starting November 1.

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To increase the safety awareness about practical road conditions of people taking their motorcycle license test, starting from November 1, 2018, the scenario test questions in the database of the motorcycle license written test will be doubled from 60 to 120. The number of questions in the official test will also be doubled from 5 to 10.  The total number of questions will remain 50 (30 multiple-choice questions, 20 true/false questions).

According to statistics from the National Police Agency, the total number of traffic accidents in 2017 was 296,826, and 394,198 people were injured. Among those, motorcycle accidents account for 155,669 and resulted in 302,739 injured people. The injured people are up 77 percent. Taipei Motor Vehicles Office has indicated that the motorcycle accident rate has remained high in recent years, especially among motorcyclists receiving their licenses for the first time. They have insufficient knowledge of road dangers and are more likely to have accidents. To enable the motorcycle test-takers to respond to possible dangerous situations when they hit the road, the Directorate General of Highways has designed a series of scenario test questions presented through situation pictures so that the test-takers can more easily understand all kinds of dangerous situations on the roads, while also increasing the concept of defensive driving.  By understanding more about the scenario questions, the test-takers are expected to develop the correct road-using concepts and increase the traffic safety of themselves and of others.