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回頂端 2021-04-08

Multiple mobile payment options for smart transportation services

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In the era of smart public transportation services, multiple payment options will become the trend.  The Directorate General of Highways, MOTC took the lead in promoting the bus QR code mobile payment on January 5, 2021. In the initial stage, 5 routes with different features were selected for trial operation, and 3 mobile payment operators including Easy Wallet, LINE PAY MONEY and ICASH PAY were introduced.  The public no longer needs to carry multiple cards but rather they can use mobile payment on the bus, allowing smart transportation services indispensable in daily life.

According to the Taipei City Motor Vehicle Office of the MOTC first joined the mobile payment services to facilitate commuters to and from Taipei and Keelung areas.  A total of 39 buses for the 2088 highway route offer multiple mobile payment options.  Passengers may use their mobile phone to pay the ticket fare instead of spending time looking for their card for payment.

In addition, to encourage the public to make use of the mobile payment service, passengers taking the 2088 route can enjoy free basic mileage (NT$ 25 for a one way trip).  Meanwhile, operators that join the mobile payment service program, including Easy Wallet, LINE PAY MONEY and ICASH PAY, also provide a 20% point rebate for bus fares paid.  This mobile payment service trial run activity will continue until the end of June.  You are welcome to enjoy the services.