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回頂端 2021-04-08

Schools Assist in the Promotion of Motorcycle Driving Training

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To strengthen the promotion of the 2021 general heavy duty motorcycle driver training subsidy, the Taipei City Vehicle Supervisory Office invites 11 schools, namely, Taipei Municipal Chenggong High School, Song-Shan Senior High School, Dazhi High School, Wanfang High School, Xisong High School, Kainan High School, Kai Ping Culinary School, Songshan High School of Agriculture and Industry, Nangang Vocational High School, Nei-Hu Vocational High School and Song Shan High School of Commerce and Home Economics to the briefing today (28).  In addition, 4 motorcycle driving schools in Taipei City (Taipei Moto, Huafeng, Fuan and Union) are also invited to introduce general heavy duty motorcycle training, course content and teaching methods.  It is hoped that through 3 days of motorcycle driving courses, 6 hours of class study and 10 hours of technical teaching will help new motorcycle riders establish safety riding and defensive driving concepts, and enhance their awareness of potential road hazards.  Riders who have undergone the motorcycle driver training have 32% reduced risk of violation compared to those without training, and the risk of causing accidents is reduced by 20%, which helps improve driving safety.
The 2021 subsidy for general heavy duty motorcycle driver training is now available until November 30, 2021.  All persons who enroll at government registered motorcycle driving schools and acquire the driver’s license can receive the NT$1,300 training subsidy per person.  Priority will be given to those obtaining a driver’s license.  The quota is limited and is available only until subsidies run out!
Director Jiang, Shu-Ren of the Taipei City Vehicle Supervisory Office stated that by encouraging motorcycle drivers to participate in driving training, they are more likely to comply with traffic rules and correct driving practice, and it is hoped that through this briefing, instructors from high school and vocational high schools will assist in the promotion for both the subsidy and safe driving to ensure that the motorcycle driver training will be widely implemented for the safety of all road users.