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回頂端 2021-07-15

It’s true! The vehicle fuel fee notifications have been sent. Please remit payment before the deadline.

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The 2021 annual vehicle fuel fee notifications were sent on June 22, and the deadline is July 31. The Taipei City Motor Vehicle Office encourages people to take the bill to pay at banks, post offices, convenient stores (Hi-Life, FamilyMart, 7-11, and OK Mart) and local supervisory offices within the deadline. If you worry about the epidemic, and do not feel like going out, you can also use the “vehicle supervisory service APP,” “Motor Vehicle driver information service” online inquiry and payment, BeePay, Line Pay Money, Gamapay, and Yuanta mobile banking APP, and so on. As a result, the payment can be done online with multiple channels, which is fast and convenient. 

Meanwhile, the Office also encourages vehicle owners to apply for e-bills or designated bank transfers with annual automatic transfer service to pay the fuel fee, so vehicle owners do not need to worry about losing bills due to moving, being fined for forgetting to pay in time. It is easy and convenient, environmentally friendly, and digitalized. Please visit the motor vehicle driver information service website for relevant applications.