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回頂端 2021-04-08

Make early payment for the motor vehicle fuel fee and win prizes worth millions

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To cooperate with the government’s paper-saving and carbon reduction policy, the Directorate General Highway, MOTC has launched a lottery activity to encourage early payment of the fuel fee.  Vehicle owners who pay the 2021 motor vehicle fuel fee before May 20 or apply for a designated bank transfer or e-bill and pay before the specified date are eligible to participate in the lottery without registration.  There are a total of 1,060 prizes with a total reward as high as NT$ 3.37 million.
According to the Taipei City Vehicle Supervisory Office, this year’s motor vehicle fuel fee activity will be implemented in 2 stages.  Vehicle owners who pay the fee before May 20 will be part of the prize drawing at the end of June.  The second prize drawing will aim at vehicle owners who “apply to financial institutions for motor vehicle fuel fee payment via transfer before July 15 and the deduction is successful,” “apply for an e-bill for the motor vehicle fuel fee before May 20 and pay the fee this year during the collection period” and “pay the motor vehicle fuel fee this year via the vehicle supervisory service APP or vehicle supervisory service network before July 31.”  Please visit the website of the Directorate General Highway for details (
The Office sincerely reminds you that there are multiple channels for payment of the motor vehicle fuel fee, which can be done through the vehicle supervisory service network or vehicle supervisory service App, LINE Pay Money, Yuanta Mobile Banking APP, GAMA Pay App, BeePay App and any of the multimedia machines at the four major convenience stores (7-11 i-bon, FamilyMart FamiPort, OK Mart OK‧go, Hi-Life Life-ET), which is time saving and convenient.