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Senior citizens may win prizes by turning in or renewing their driver’s license!

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Age is not a problem, but safety is the key. In our aging society, the transportation safety of senior citizens is increasingly being focused on, and as such, the senior driver’s license management system has been developed. Through the establishment of the system, senior citizens can understand their health condition earlier.

The Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office (MVO) said that the management system has been activated for more than three years since July 1 2017, and most senior citizens have renewed their driver’s licenses for the second time. The MVO also advised senior citizens to use the public transportation system more frequently to maintain their safety. The MVO collaborates with the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and senior citizens over 75 years old who have completed turning in or renewing their driver’s license can receive a gift. The gifts are limited and the offer is only valid while stocks last.

Cross-institution services are provided so that senior citizens can avoid traveling long distances. Senior citizens receive a notification to renew their license and are required to complete a physical examination before taking a cognitive function test at the temporary counters within the specified time (refer to the attached time table). Onsite license renewal services are also provided. Senior citizens who no longer ride or drive can turn in their driver’s license on site with an ID. In addition, we have added facilities such as public parking in Taipei city and service counters at the Taipei City Traffic Adjudication Office for the senior driver’s license withdrawal service. Seniors can fill in the affidavit and turn in their driver’s license at various service points. We welcome all seniors to use this service!

The Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office reminds everyone that people caught by police for driving with an expired driver’s license and has not completed the procedure of license renewal would be fined NT$ 1,800 to 3,600. Also, seniors who have been fined for violation or suspension of their driver’s license must remember to renew their driver’s license within three months of receiving the notification to avoid cancelation of their driver’s license. Seniors who have not completed the license renewal need to pay extra attention!