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回頂端 2018-07-02

Please do not take LINE group pak pais to protect your own rights.

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In order to ensure public consumer rights and road safety, the Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office suggests that people select legal vehicles if they would like to take a taxi or rent a car so as to protect their own rights.
Through investigation, many LINE groups illegally use private cars (pak pais) to carry passengers. What is worse, the driving qualifications of the drivers in the group are not reviewed, and the cars are not registered, none of which is managed by the government. Accordingly, if incidents or disputes happen when passengers take the LINE group pak pais, claims may not be accepted. In other words, it is difficult to ensure protection of consumers safety.
The joint audit police group of the Office, together with Taipei City Public Transportation Office carried out an audit on the illegal business of LINE group pak pais at Taipei Songshan Airport today (18th May, 2018) at 2pm. If the police catch those illegally carrying passengers with private cars, the illegal cars and drivers would be reported in accordance with applicable laws in order to maintain the order of the vehicle transportation industry. In addition, the Office also calls on private car drivers not to join illegal taxis (using private cars to carry passengers). According to Article 77 of the Highway Act, if not approved, those who run vehicle transportation businesses may be fined between NT$10,000 and NT$25 million, and will be ordered to close down the business. Moreover, the illegal license plates and driver’s licenses may be suspended for 4 months to one year or be revoked, and retrieval or new pick-up will not be accepted within 2 years. The joint audit police group of the Office will constantly work with associated agencies to double down on and fight against illegal transport of passengers.
Organizer: Transportation Management Section of Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office
Contact: Section Chief Lien, Si-Yuan at 02-27630155 ext. 561