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回頂端 2020-04-13

50% of the fuel cost of business vehicles will be subsidized by the government. The collection of the 2020 spring fuel fee has been postponed to April.

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In response to the severe infectious pneumonia continuing to affect the operation of the automobile transportation industry, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications has formulated “Industrial and Business Relief and Revitalization Measures for Operating Difficulties Caused by the Severe Infectious Pneumonia” and offers a subsidy of 50% for the 2020 vehicle fuel fee aimed at vehicles of car rental businesses, pickup truck rental and leasing, freight forwarders, automobile route freight transport, and automobile container transport. In addition, the business vehicles of the tour bus industry has been exempted from the automobile fuel usage fee starting from the winter of 2019 to the fall of 2020, and the government will continue to subsidize 50% of the vehicle fuel fee in the winter of 2020 based as part of the relief measures.

According to Taipei Motor Vehicles Office, the collection of the vehicle fuel fee of business vehicles for 2020 spring is postponed to April and only 50% of the required amount will be collected. The payment notice will be sent before the end of March, with a payment deadline of April 30. Apart from paying the fee by presenting the payment notice at the counter of post offices, financial institutions or convenient stores, car owners can also make the payment through wire transfer via the official website of “Motor Vehicle Driver Information Service” or “Motor Vehicle Driver Information Service APP” downloaded to their mobile phones. Fulfill the payment easily without leaving your home. We welcome all car owners to make use of these eco-friendly, energy-saving and efficient payment methods with us.

Taipei Motor Vehicles Office would also like to encourage car owners to apply for the electric vehicle fuel tax bill and pay their automobile fuel use charge through a designated account transfer. This eco-friendly, electronic method allows everyone to not only show great care for our planet but also avoid paying fines for missing out on notices as a result of relocation or negligence. Let’s put an end to needless worry once and for all. Please go to the official website of Motor Vehicle Driver Information Service at or the official website of Taipei Motor Vehicles Office at for online application. Should you have any questions, please contact Taipei Motor Vehicles Office at (02)27630155 ext. 400, or fax number at (02)27617750.