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回頂端 2019-04-15

TCMVO is texting notification to remind drivers of CALI. Don’t doubt about it!

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Have you forgotten to have your car insured with Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance (CALI)? Please take note! The Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office (TCMVO), Directorate General of Highways is trying an intimate service by texting notification to remind the uninsured car owners who failed to buy CALI due to negligence and busyness that they would be fined and result in money loss. The purpose is to help the public to save money.
TCMVO said that when the public receives a traffic citation, and yet the car has not been compulsorily insured, the driver may get a follow-up ticket from TCMVO for violating the CALI Act. Depending on the types of vehicles, the fine may range from NT$1,500 to $15,000, and may even increase from $6,000 to $30,000 in case of a traffic accident. There were traffic accidents where the cars had not been compulsorily insured, causing the owners to get fined. That was tragic!
According to TCMVO statistics, more than 10,000 cases were reported in 2018 for not being compulsorily insured, and the number of motorcycles was about five times that of cars. It is evident that motorcyclists are more likely to neglect the CALI. Shortly, TCMVO will give priority to provide text notification service to motorcyclists that have not compulsorily insured their motorcycles of more than one year old and less than five years old. For the public who have not received the text, TCMVO urges they should check if the insurance is still valid or not and simultaneously remind their close friends and family members to take note.

TCMVO also reminds the public that if they have their address changed, they should also reregister their vehicle license and driver license with a new mailing address as required by regulations. Also, do not forget to notify the insurance company before they can receive the renewal notice sent by the insurance company. The purpose is to prevent the public from being fined and losing money for forgetting to have their vehicles insured. They can meanwhile enjoy the convenience of receiving the updated news and other services.