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回頂端 2021-07-15

During the COVID-19 level 3 alert period, driving training courses and driver’s license examination, change, and reissuance are suspended, and supporting measures are provided.

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In response to the national level three COVID-19 alert, the Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office announced that it has postponed driving school courses, and has canceled road safety classes, anti-drunk driving campaigns, and senior driver’s license renewal services in Taipei city, Keelung city (including seven districts of New Taipei City, such as Xizhi, Ruifang, Pingxi, Gongliao, Wanli, and Kinshan district), Kinmen county, and Lienchiang county.

The Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office said that according to the “Terms and conditions regarding freeway motor vehicle services impacted by COVID-19 prevention measures” announced by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, road safety classes and professional driver’s license inspections are postponed for certain individuals until their arrival, quarantine, and isolation are over or they have recovered and discharged from hospital. Individuals can attend the classes within six months afterwards; otherwise the classes would be considered expired. Individual inspections are considered expired because the prevention measures can be exempted from penalty. The license renewal and inspection of seniors who are required to complete a physical examination and of professional drivers can be postponed until within six months of the end of the national level three alert.

The office encourages the public to cooperate with the government prevention measures; non-urgent business can be postponed. The local supervisory motor vehicles offices provide inquiry services to the public for questions concerning driving schools, professional driver’s license inspection, senior driver’s license renewal, road safety classes, and the driver’s license test.