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回頂端 2021-07-15

Vehicles carrying dangerous goods and are equipped with GPS can apply for a maximum subsidy of NT$2,000 per vehicle. Hurry and apply!

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To connect vehicles carrying dangerous goods and are equipped with a GPS (global positioning system) device to the “Dangerous Goods Vehicle Dynamic Information Management Platform,”, and to maintain road safety of such vehicles, the Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office began to accept subsidy applications since April 1, 2021, with the maximum subsidy amount of NT$2,000 per vehicle.

When driving and carrying dangerous goods on the road, the risk of causing danger is higher than normal vehicles. Besides being professionally trained, drivers should also apply for a road pass before departure, and limit the driving time and routes in case overturned vehicles leak the dangerous goods or catch on fire when encountering traffic accidents, which results in difficulties during the rescue efforts for people and vehicles. Therefore, the DGH established a “Dangerous Goods Vehicle Dynamic Information Management Platform,” where vehicles installed with GPS could connect to it. The platform sends real-time warnings to vehicles not to enter restricted areas or not to exceed the speed limit. Drivers can also check whether their vehicle has completed inspections, applied for the road pass, and so on, for the sake of maintaining road safety.

According to the “The subsidy guideline for vehicles carrying dangerous goods to install GPS by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications,” the subsidy is offered from April 1, 2021 until November 30, 2021, and lasts until the budgeted amount is spent. The subsidy objects are company vehicles that have applied for the temporary pass for vehicles carrying dangerous goods within six months. The subsidy is 49% of the expense for installing GPS on each vehicle, and the maximum subsidy amount is NT$2,000. It includes expenses relevant to software, hardware, wiring, and installation, but does not include monthly subscription fees of sending tracking data and back-end data management.

The Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office encourages vehicle operators carrying dangerous goods to make efforts for road safety. Operators whose vehicles are qualified for the subsidy can apply for it according to the subsidy guidelines. They only need to prepare relevant documents and apply at their local supervisory office where the vehicle is registered. The subsidy quota is limited and will be provided on a first come, first served basis.