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回頂端 2019-08-06

The Vehicle Driver Registration System Has Hit the Road! Toll and Parking Fee Notification is More Convenient

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When the general public purchases a vehicle, it be quite common that the registered owner of a vehicle may not be the actual driver. The reason is likely to be due to factors related to compulsory automobile liability insurance and property use. In order to assist the public in clarifying the actual condition of car use and reducing disputes, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications has amended Articles 15, 16 and 23 of the Road Traffic Safety Rules and will begin the implementation of the vehicle driver’s registration system starting from this April. It is recommended that people register the “primary driver of the vehicle” while applying for a new license plate, transfer, resumption of driving or applying for other relevant changes to facilitate the process of informing, sending payment notices for toll and parking fees and delivering the traffic violation document. To ensure the accuracy of login information and to protect the rights and interests of the car owner, the person involved shall go through the registration procedure at the motor vehicle office if there is any change.

The Taipei City Motor Vehicle Office would like to remind the public to submit the “vehicle driver application form” (download from the official website of the Directorate General of Highways, MOTC), a photocopy of the front and back of the driver’s ID card, a photocopy of the front of the driver’s driving license for registration before mailing or faxing the required documents to the nearest motor vehicle office to complete the process. It is also possible to complete the “registration of vehicle driver” procedures online by visiting the “Motor Vehicle Driver Information Service”. It is efficient and convenient.