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Fuel Charge
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Fuel Charge FAQ
What should vehicle owners do if they failed to receive the vehicle fuel charge notice because they do not live at the registered household address?

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications has begun handling an additional mailing address registration for vehicle owners (natural person). Therefore, qualified vehicle owners may bring their vehicle registration and personal seal to the motor vehicle office under which the vehicle is registered to apply for a mailing address, to which the vehicle fuel charge notice will be mailed.


Please enter the website below, vehicle owners (natural person) can pay the fiel charge online.

Electronic Motor Vehicle & Driver Information System :

Vehicle owners can also call 412-1366 (press 169#) to pay the charge by phone.

I have already paid the vehicle fuel charge for this year. Why have I received a second payment notice?
The fuel charge for private vehicles is levied on 1 July every year. To ensure that vehicle owners receive the payment notice by June 30, the MVO must select files for the printing house that prints and mails the notices. Due to differences in operating time, owners who have transferred their vehicles to others (and have already paid the fuel charge for that year) may receive the vehicle fuel charge notice a second time. In this case, please retain the original receipt and do not pay the vehicle fuel charge again.
The vehicle has not been used for a long time and has been turned in to the Institute of Environment and Resources (or towed by the environmental authorities). Why did the MVO send me a vehicle fuel charge notice?
According to the law, the vehicle fuel charge is assessed until one day before the vehicle is recycled or towed. According to Article 30 of the Traffic Regulations, a vehicle owner should submit the recycle (or tow) document, ROC Citizen Identity Card, seal, two license plates (or stolen vehicle license plate report certificate issued by the police for stolen vehicles), vehicle registration data, and vehicle registration (if the last two items are lost, they should be handled in the same case) to the MVO; complete relevant forms; and pay the said vehicle fuel charge to complete the voiding of the vehicle registration.