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回頂端 2021-04-08

What should we do for overdue automobile fuel charges? Speed payment via multiple channels!

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Attention, vehicle owners!  According to Article 75 of the Highway Act, automobile owners who fail to pay automobile fuel charges as regulated shall be fined between NT$ 300 and NT$ 3000 and will be transferred to compulsory enforcement.  In addition to the fine, the case will be transferred to compulsory enforcement, meaning that any property or real estate in the name of the vehicle owner may be seized, or salary or bank accounts of the vehicle owner may be deducted.  It may seriously impact the rights of vehicle owners and therefore should not be ignored.
If you are uncertain about the payment, please use the enquiry service via the “vehicle supervisory services APP,” “vehicle supervisory service network” or multimedia machine at these major convenient stores (7-11, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, OK Mart).  There is also BeePay, LINE Pay Money, GAMA Pay and Yuanta Mobile Banking APP available for online payments.  The payment channels are diversified, convenient and speedy.
Taipei City Vehicle Supervisory Office also encourages vehicle owners to apply for the e-automobile fuel charge payment statement and pay the bill via bank transfer from a designated account, which is not only environmentally friendly, e-commerce, and earth-loving, but it can also help you to avoid all the troubles due to not receiving the bill, losing the bill or forgetting to pay.  Vehicle owners may visit the Vehicle Supervisory Service Network or Local Vehicle Office website for online application.