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回頂端 2020-12-09

32 Videos Available Online on the Motorcycle Hazard Perception Platform. Situational Experience Videos are the Most Popular!

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The Directorate General of Highways, Ministry of Transportation and Communications added 32 videos on November 2 to the Motorcycle Hazard Perception Platform ( built to enhance the riding safety of motorcycle riders and strengthen the concept of defensive riding. In addition to the existing 30 videos on the platform, the total number of situational experience videos has reached 62. The videos are intended to help motorcyclists increase their awareness of potential hazards encountered on the road and develop the habit of riding safely.

Jiang Shu-ren, Director of Taipei City Motor Vehicle Office suggests that the current 30 videos on the platform have been watched by nearly 800,000 people. The newly added 32 videos include up to 18 situations from giving way to other vehicles illegally, improper turns, improper lane crossings, passengers crossing roads illegally, vision blocking, maintaining distance from large vehicles, and others. 15 of the videos have additional animated situations, including a post-produced motorcycle front with a speedometer, turn signals, handgrip, rear mirror and hand gestures, etc. The user has to examine the abovementioned parts to detect hazards and click the video in time to win points. In addition, as large vehicles greatly impact motorcycle riding safety, 5 videos regarding the features, blind spots and radius difference of inner wheels of large vehicles have been added this time so that the motorcyclists can keep sufficient distance from large vehicles through the understanding of large vehicles.

It is expected that from January 2021, Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office will add two more videos to the motorcycle driver’s license test so as to strengthen their hazard perception, enhance their self-protection ability when riding a motorcycle to reduce accident rates and level of injury.