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回頂端 2020-12-09

The better the tires grip the road, the happier the trip!

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Since COVID-19 has affected the world, fewer people in Taiwan travel abroad. They have gradually turned to domestic travel. Many people plan to travel or return to their hometowns with their families by car. To prevent accidents or breakdowns along the way and influencing the traveler’s mood, it is crucial for vehicles to undergo pre-departure checking. Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office suggests that five oils, four tires and three liquids as well as other vehicle equipment checks can never be ignored.

Five oils, four tires and three liquids are the most fundamental maintenance and check items for vehicles. Five oils refer to engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, gasoline; four tires refer to tread depth and tire pressure; three liquids refer to the liquid cooling system, battery acid, windshield wiper fluid. Most of the abovementioned information are shown in the vehicle’s instrument panel but not tread depth. Accordingly, it becomes a safety blind spot most easily ignored by most road users.

According to Article 39 of the Road Traffic Safety Regulations, since January 1, 2014, the tires of all kinds of vehicles should not be worn out to any of the tread wear indicator points according to the standards of CNS1431 Automobile Tire Casing or CNS4959 Truck or Bus Retreaded Tires.

Please be sure to check if the tread depth of your car tires is sufficient for the tires to grip the road surface well, and you can travel happily.