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License Plate for Small Private Truck
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License Plate for Small Private Truck


Relevant industries shall follow accordingly

Other than required documents, please submit the following extra documents:

Agriculture and farming

Owner-peasant, part-tenant farmer, tenant farmer, farm helper, sharecropping,agriculture and animal husbandry, farm labors, farmer, flower grower, tenant farming,planting flowers, farming labors, vegetables, rice cultivation, growing fruits, forestry, food grains, farming, and gardening.

A land ownership certificate (original copy is required if the landowner is the same as the vehicle owner;

if the land belongs to a direct blood relative or spouse, it can be dealt with photocopy of the land ownership certificate andhousehold transcript;

if the spouse or spouse’s parents didn’t apply for license plate of small truck, the license plate should be registered under the land of the spouse’s parents.)

Animal husbandry

Raising cattle, pigs, sheep; cultivating fish, shrimp, haliotis diversicolor;

raising chicken, duck, goose, rabbit; oyster farming, aquaculture, and bee keeping.

A land ownership certificate (if the land belongs to a direct blood relative, please follow the procedures above).


Fisherman, fisher, fishing, fishery (excluding crew and employees of fishing boat), and accessory fisheries.

Original registration certificate of a ship


Rattan work, bamboo work, and weaver.

Original proof document issued by a trade union (please submit original national I.D. card and affidavit letter if the applicant does not join the trade union).


Cabinet maker, decorator, form fixer, and carver.


Plasterer, earthwork worker, bricklayer, marble worker, and grinding worker.


Paint sprayer


Zinc worker, fitter, lathe worker, and miller.


Electrician, electric welder, cooler man, air conditioner repairman, gas welder, plumber, electrical repairman, and well sinker.

Fixed vending

Vendor that sells fish, meat, and vegetables.

A vendor certificate issued by a market authority

Environmental protection

Secondhand goods trading.


Earth-moving operator and excavator operator.


Cleaner, preserved egg product, and catering industry

Required documents:

  1. Original copy of national I.D. card from both the buyer and the seller (or military service I.D. card or alien residence permit) or official letters issued by the competent authority for the approval of the company’s or establishment’s registration (please enclose registration form if it is a company) or registration certificate issued by the competent authority for the company’s or the.)
  2. Vehicle registration certificate
  3. Insurance policy for compulsory automobiles liability insurance with an expiration date that exceeds 30 days presented by the new owner.
  4. Valid original vehicle driving license.