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Vehicle Disposal
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Required Documents

  1. One of the following proof documents:
    1. Individual: Original ID card (or military ID card or alien residence certificate).
    2. Company: Official document for approval of company registration (including company registration form) issued by a competent authority or certificate of company registration issued by a competent authority and unified business number issued by a taxation authority. In the case of copied proof documents, a copy of the latest receipt from a business tax payment shall be submitted as well.
  2. Owner’s seal (on-site signature is acceptable).
  3. Original driver’s license.
  4. Vehicle (Motorcycle) Alteration Registration Form.
  5. Two vehicle plates or one motorcycle plate (In the case of a stolen vehicle plate, please submit proof of the stolen vehicle plate issued by the police; if one vehicle plate is lost, the other one shall still be handed in.)
  6. New License Plate Registration Form.

Application Fee

How to Apply
In person or through an agent (agent shall bring his/her original ID card for verification)

Responsible Units

Registration/Plate Division, Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office
Tel (02)27630155 Ext. 300
Fax (02)27421816
Address No. 21, Sec. 4, Bade Rd., Taipei, 105210, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Registration/Plate Unit, Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office Shilin Station
Tel (02)27630155 Ext.729 and 731
Address No. 80, Sec. 5, Chengde Rd., Taipei, 111063

Registration/Plate Unit, Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office Keelung Station
Tel (02)24515311 Ext.121
Address No. 296, Shijian Road, Qidu District, Keelung City, 206216


  1. Any outstanding vehicle license taxes or fuel taxes shall be paid off first.
  2. In case of movable property as a guarantee, the applicant shall first apply to cancel registration.
  3. After the vehicle is disposed of, the owner shall not obtain the license plate again.
  4. If the vehicle (including license plate) is burned or the license plate cannot be found due to a fire, destruction of the license plate, lost because of a natural disaster, the owner shall apply for vehicle disposal after obtaining the proof documents from the police.
  5. To have a vehicle towed after disposal, please contact the abandoned vehicle retrieval counter of the Environmental Protection Administration or the hotline 0800-085717 for inquiry. If the vehicle is retrieved by a supplier entrusted by the Environmental Protection Administration, please bring the vehicle retrieval control sheet and license plate (two license plates for a vehicle or one license plate for a motorcycle).